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At Firefly, we provide solutions in the areas of optimal land-use, waste, water and energy to create a positive impact on the environment.

Our Solutions

Our work revolves around the principles of Regenerative Agriculture, Permaculture, Agroforestry, and Life Science-based innovation

Our practices improve soil health and the quality of food within an economically efficient ecosystem. All our technologies are easy to operate, aesthetically designed, and integrate seamlessly into your business operations.

Energy efficient Water Treatment Systems

Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems and Hybrid Systems for the purpose of re-use.

Self-sustaining Waste Treatment Systems

Generating renewable energy and other valuable byproducts such as cooking gas and nutrition-rich fertilizers.

Sustainable Landscapes and Aquatic Ecosystems

Aesthetic, Energy efficient ecosystems, that help to bring back biodiversity and address climate change.


Sustainable Organic Food Production

Farm and plantation designs that enable the cultivation of diverse organic food and food products

Alternative Road Engineering

Ultra-thin and long-lasting roads that make minimal use of construction materials and involve low carbon footprint processes.

Closed Loop Ecosystems

Efficient business, farming, and residential ecosystems that are energy independent, water abundant, and handle waste responsibly.

Our Services


Customised Agricultural Inputs and Protocols

Agricultural Design and

Urban Agriculture

Farm to Table

Closed Loop Agriculture


Constructed Wetland Treatment System Design and Consultancy

Water Harvesting Design and Consultancy

Holistic Watershed Management Design

Ornamental Ponds Design and Consultancy

Bio Pools Design and

Aquatic Plants &


Biomethanation Technology Design & Consultancy

Biogas Bottling and Purification Systems

Biogas Compressors &

Biogas Generator


Road Construction Design and Consultancy

Sustainable Landscape Design and Consultancy


How we work with you

Firefly works with some of the top specialists in the industry and follows a proven six-step process to professionally manage the successful delivery of our projects.

Getting to know you and your vision

The Firefly team works with you and your team through meetings and calls to understand your vision, and ideas for the project.

Project Requirements Gathering

Our requirement process help capture your needs and desires, limitations, or pre-existing ideas about what is possible for the project.

Site Survey & Data Collection

Our experts will conduct surveys to collect site data about hydrology, soil, topography, and sources of material, plants and other components.

Design &

Firefly will develop the final design for the proposed system, integrated with the master landscaping layout of the site.

Construction &

Firefly’s team and partners will build and install the systems, provide all resources and hand-over the project.

Monitoring & Support

To ensure the efficient working of the system Firefly will provide ongoing monitoring (remote or on-site), evaluation of the systems, and training.

How we help your business succeed?


Excellent ROI, Minimal
Op-Ex, Multiple Reuse
and Recyclable Options


Stay compliant with government imposed guidelines, use government approved technologies and certified products


Energy positive, off grid, zero waste, zero discharge and incrementally reduced dependency on chemicals. 


Decentralized infrastructure for treatment and re-use, adaptability with local resources, limited use of heavy machinery

Brand Value

Reposition yourself as a sustainable brand, achieve customer loyalty, differentiate yourself as a unique brand


Climate-smart Agriculture, Minimal dependence on Public Goods and Services, and Government infrastructure

Our Proud Customers

Nano Micro Nutrients and Amino Acids even though they were applied in very little quantity were absorbed very efficiently. They helped in various metabolic activities in the plant and the result came in the form of better production. It can be concluded that the product is very effective in increasing both the yield and also the yield of bigger sized tubers in the Lady Rosetta variety
Working with Firefly we realized that NANO Bio Growth Enhancer had a significant impact on the growth of plants when used along with fertilizer. With this, plants can be delivered to the farmer 15 days early in comparison with the present practice without NANO spray
Ms. G. Prashanthi

Why you can depend on us

Types of crops tested
with our input
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Tonnes of pesticides
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Trials done in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Peru, Germany, Sri Lanka, Nepal
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In-house Research and
Development lab



We understand your needs

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Agricultural Microbiology

At our manufacturing facility, our in-house scientists develop new and improved formulations for Nutrition, Disease, Pest and Water Management in farming. We have the ability to reverse engineer microbial cultures by taking specimens from your region to ensure ecological compatibility and accelerated response. We have the wherewithal to carry out Molecular Analysis, Metagenomics and Genome Sequencing for specific characters in microbes.

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Road Building Technology

Our primary focus is on developing new processes and product innovation in Road and Infrastructure technology. Our initiative is called, A.R.E. - Alternative Road Engineering, wherein we utilize a proven and certified proprietary technology comprising sustainable and low carbon footprint processes to develop private roads, industrial layouts, driveways, farm and rural roads for improved connectivity, safe transportation, and ecological sustenance.

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Renewables & Green Tech

Firefly’s continuously improving protocols and practices in the fields of Bio Methanation and Constructed Wetland Treatment are developed with IISC, Bangalore (The Centre for Sustainable Technologies) as a key advisor. CST is an interdisciplinary research and technology development centre for providing sustainable solutions to global concerns, primarily dealing with energy, buildings and environment, with a focus on local resource optimization and decentralization.

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Food & Packaging

Our R&D center is incubated at CSIR-CFTRI - Central for Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, an NABL accredited laboratory. It is dedicated to preventive health care and performance optimization through innovative and nutritionally rich food formulations; as well as environmental protection through eco-friendly packaging innovation. Our team has expertise in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Protein Chemistry and Technology Scale-up.

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Agricultural Practices

Our exemplars are located across Karnataka. They showcase running models of strategies and technologies for any organization, state or country looking to incorporate the principles of Regenerative Agriculture, Living Water, Clean Energy and Green Habitats within their ecosystems. Our exemplars operate as a research and education centre for students and scientists seeking academic pursuits, research opportunities and overseas project programmes.

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Nutraceutical Mushrooms

At our R&D center at CSIR-CFTRI and our exemplars at Hunsur and Coorg, we carry out research on nutraceutical mushroom cultivation and the health promoting properties of varieties such as the Lion’s Mane and Turkey Tail. We are engaged in developing high quality spawn for production of therapeutic mushrooms and the concentration of their bioactive components into nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements.

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Agricultural Value Addition

Firefly’s strength lies in taking an agricultural commodity through a life cycle in which its market, nutritional and ecological values are identified and enhanced through high quality and novel food processing techniques.The development of high quality and functional products leads to an expanded customer base for the commodity and increased revenue for the producer or farmer of the commodity.

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Bio-Plastics for Life Sciences

In collaboration with Phitons Engineering whose patented starch-based product known as ABUs (Adaptive Biodegradable Units) are being utilized for Firefly’s innovation in Agriculture and Waste Management. ABU’s are the most versatile alternative to single and multi-use plastics and can be engineered to degrade at different time intervals. Firefly is engaged in developing 100% biodegradable Agri Bags, Mulch Sheets and Garbage bags.

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Events @ firefly

Fermentation 101,

Saturday, 25 January 2020, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm - IST

Fermentation 101, Bangalore Explore the Fundamentals of Gut Health and Fermentation


Fit Bengaluru - The Wellness Festival, Bangalore

Saturday, 25 January 2020, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm - IST

Biohacks for Inspired Living, Longevity & Performance


Farmers’ Market,

Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 14:00 – 16:00 IST Farmers’ Market, Bangalore

World Environment Day Presentation & Farmers’ Market

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Firefly Specialist

Mark Garrett

Permaculture Design Consultant

In 2009, Mark consolidated his theoretical knowledge and his 20-plus years’ experience of applying Permaculture techniques in Tropical and Sub-Tropical climates by establishing the Mark Garrett Permaculture Design Consultancy. He now consults on Permaculture Design and Sustainability Solutions for a wide range of projects for both private and corporate clients world-wide. The team at Firefly procured their Permaculture Design Certification from Mark and have been associated with him ever since.

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We would love to hear from you. Please tell us more about you so that we can connect you with the appropriate expert.
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Firefly Specialist

Dr. Manivel

Consultant Tea

Dr. I. Manivel is a consultant specialising in the Agri Products & Tea sector. He has done his B.Sc and M.Sc in Horticulture and Ph.D in Plant Physiology from the University of California. He has worked for more than 20 years with the Tea Research Board in the North of India and UPASI in the South of India and has been an immense pillar of strength for the Firefly team. 

Firefly Specialist

Dr. Sushanth Shekar

Founder (Jayaa Agro Foods)

Through his hard work, passion and commitment, Sushant founded Jayaa Agro Foods. His facility produces over 2000 kg of mushroom per day. He pioneered the concept of utilizing natural resources in Mushroom Production, such as rainwater harvesting, use of solar heating systems etc. Jayaa Agro Foods provides consultation services and guidance to farmers, students and entrepreneurs looking to set-up small or large-scale mushroom cultivation facilities.

Firefly Specialist

Dr. Manivel

Agriculture Consultant

Dr.I.Manivel is a consultant specialising in the Agri Products & Tea sector. He has done his B.Sc and M.Sc in Horticulture and Ph.D in Plant Physiology from the University of California.He has worked for more than 20 years with the Tea Research Board in the North of India and UPASI in the South of India.

Firefly Specialist

Kenneth Blades

Founder (KJB Agro)

A graduate of Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge (UK), Kenneth Blades trained and worked as a corporate finance lawyer for some of the world’s leading law firms. In 2001, he steered away from law and entered the field of agriculture. He founded KJB Agro – Exotic Fruit Tree Nursery in Chelavara, Coorg. With training and guidance from some of Florida and California’s top research facilities and universities, Kenneth Blades has worked with Karnataka Growers’ Federation, the Karnataka Planters’ Association, Christian Planters’ Guild, Association of Planters of Kerala, Planter’s Association of Tamil Nadu and more recently with the Tibetan Community in Coorg in disseminating knowledge and know-how on income enhancing fruit crops.

Firefly Specialist

Apoorva B. V.

Director at Honey Day Bee Farms, Chairman of Hive Trust

Mr. Apoorva’s goal is to connect the present generation to nature through beekeeping. He facilitates the ability to build capacity in agrarian and tribal communities through natural bee farming and provides consultation for the best practices in beekeeping. He is involving the urban population to take responsibility towards conservation of life’s essential pollinators. He has supported Firefly in closing this vital loop at their farms.

Firefly Specialist

Ayyappa Masagi

Founder of Water Literacy Foundation

Ayyappa Masagi is considered a “Water Warrior” for India. He has helped create countless solutions to India’s water scarcity problem and many communities, farms, and towns are now more water efficient through his help and guidance. He has been nicknamed “Water Gandhi” by villagers on the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border. Ayyappa Masagi has helped Firefly in implementing several rain water harvesting techniques at their farms, and in collaborative projects.

Firefly Specialist

Samuel D. Mohan

Organic Agriculture Consultant

An alumnus from IIM A, Mr. Mohan is a tea professional, a trained Tea Taster, and an Agriculturist Award Winner from Indian Council Of Agricultural Research. He has specialised in Organic Agriculture and Biodynamic Agriculture and currently serves on the Board of BDAI. He has served as Chairman of Indian Bio organic Tea Association, Director at Ramco Plantations in Kerala and as Visiting Agent of Assam Company. He has served in the Agricultural sub committee Tocklai Tea Research Association, the Tea Board and represented India in Biofach In Frankfurt and Nuremberg. He has introduced Vermiculture, Vanilla GAP in Assam plantations.

Firefly Specialist

Dr. Sandanamudi Anudeep

Chief Scientist

Anudeep has a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Mysore. He continued his doctoral studies at CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore after clearing CSIR-UGC-NET with AIR (all India ranking -135). His research work improved his knowledge of Food and Nutrition, Protein Chemistry, Carbohydrate chemistry, Microbiology and Animal studies. He has published research articles in peer reviewed journals and participated in various international conferences. His recent research projects include polymer science, material science, formulations of functional foods and beverages. He enjoys teaching and mentoring students pursuing science and in his free time enjoys cricket and badminton.

Firefly Specialist

Rani K. C

Project Scientist

Rani has a Masters in Environmental Science from NITK (National Institute of Technology, Karnataka). She is also an IBAB (Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology) graduate. She has expertise in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Business Development. She published research articles in peer reviewed journals, books and participated in various international conferences. Her primary research focus includes nutraceutical formulations and environmental protection.

Firefly Specialist

Dr. H. N. Chanakya

Technical Advisor

With a PhD in Microbiology from UAS Bangalore, Dr. Chanakya has been working in the field of anaerobic digestion of rural residues, wastewater and solid wastes as well as drinking water purification for over 30 years at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has developed over 14 technologies in the field of sustainable energy and water. In the area of wastewater his research interests lie in evolving low energy and sustainable wastewater/grey water treatment coupled with energy and nutrient recovery including the use of mixotrophic algae. He also helps the Karnataka State in an advisory capacity for its mandatory and regulatory bodies in the area of Solid wastes and Wastewater Management.